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Maude Barlow, David Hughes, Ben Parfitt and more on the costs and risks of fracking and LNG in BC

Our Lands Are Not "Waste Lands of the Crown"

Nuxalk eviction of mining company is the most recent action in a 170-year long fight – colonizers have been illegally occupying their territory for gold since the gold rush, says Nuskmata, Jacinda Mack.

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Odette Auger

Paradise Logged

Read Island maps reveal fragile network of remaining forest, and priority areas for deferral. Is the BC government willing (or even able) to listen?

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Lannie Keller

Mrs. rgill

What do they look like – the people behind a corporate juggernaut devouring small-town Alberta? Much like you and me.

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Dianne Bersea

Pesticides or Agroecology?

A new study suggests we need to majorly dial back pesticide contamination – to protect not only biodiversity, but our own food security

Watershed Sentinel Original Content

by Stephen Leahy


Summer 2021

Maximum diversity yields deep resilience, while human attempts at control yield brittle and vulnerable systems. With the Holocene extinction well underway, we need to – quickly – listen, learn, and reverse our approach: adapt ourselves and our systems to the needs of the natural world instead of forcing it to adapt to us.

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Watershed Sentinel Original Content

Indites Watershed Sentinel Original Content

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